Pamokų laikas

1. 8.00 - 8.45
2. 8.55 - 9.40
3. 9.50 - 10.35
4. 10.55 - 11.40
5. 12.00 - 12.45
6. 12.55 - 13.40
7. 13.50 - 14.35
8. 14.45 - 15.30
Lyderių laikas

Silutes pirmoji gymnasium was established in 1918 as a German school and was named Herder Gymnasium-Lyceum. In the USSR period it became Silutes 1st secondary school and only in 2004 the current official name of Silutes pirmoji gymnasium was confirmed.

Silutes pirmoji gymnasium is a 4-year school having around 500 students and 50 teachers. Originally having been German school, after regaining independence from the USSR in 1990, we started exchange programe with Halepaghen Gymnasium in Buxtehude (Germany). And this exchange programe is still very popular in our school. In 2009 we joined multinational Comenius project with 7 countries participating in it and we were working on the project for 4 years.

Alongside the mother tongue - Lithuanian, in our school you can also study English, German, Russian and Latin languages. We also cooperate with Klaipeda‘s university in the fields of Biology and Chemistry. Apart from formal subjects, there is a wide choice, around 30 various clubs and grops, of undercurricular activities in our school.

Since 2005 we have been the partners of Vilnius University which is the oldest university in Lithuania and one of the oldest in the whole Europe. We also keep contacts with 8 more universities having lecturers as guest-teachers and using their science laboratories.

Modern classrooms, renovated original building, contests and competitions, clubs of art, sport and entrepreneur – all this you can find in our gymnasium.